Junior League Track and Field Fixtures


Junior league track and Field Fixtures:

Welsh Athletics Junior League West Fixture, the Gwent Cross Country Legues and Championship Events 


The junior league is our main club event and although we are a small club we aim to get as many athletes competing as possible. There are 3 age groups 9 to under 11 years; 11 to under 13 years and 13 to under 15 years (presently we have no athletes in the older age group). Other clubs involved are Swansea; Carmarthen; Barry; Bridgend; Neath; Llanelli; Brecon and Pembroke.                                                                                                      

Meeting are good opportunity for budding young athletes to experience athletic competition.  Our attendance over the past years have fluxuated and we now are focusing on getting all athletes to attended these events.   


Events for the 9 years to under 11years (school years 4 and 5)

75metres; 150metres; 800metres; 1000metres walk; Long Jump; Shot Putt; Javelin and 4x100metres relay.

Each athlete can compete in 3 events plus the relay


Events for the 11 to under 13years (school years 6 and 7)

100metres; 200metres; 300metres; 800metres; 1500metres;1000metres walk; Hurdles; Long Jump; High Jump; Shot Putt; Discus; Javelin and the 4x100relay. 


Events for the 13 to under 15 years (school years 8 and 9)

100metres; 200metres; 300metres; 400metres; 800metres; 1500metres;1000metres walk; Hurdles; Long Jump; High Jump; Shot Putt; Discus; Javelin and the 4x100relay. Pole vault and Hammer.


The LAL takes places in the summer months from May to July, There are four matches each at a different venue, usually Neath, Sansea, Carmarthen, and Brecon. We also compete in the summer months in the Regional Track and Field Championships and the Welsh Track and Field Championship. We also compete in the indoor Regional Track and Field Championships and the indoor Welsh Track and Field Championship in December, January and February.

During the winter months October to March we compete in the Gwent Cross Country League. There are 5 events each at a different venue, usually Cardiff, Bristol, Bridgend, Swansea and Brecon. Running surfaces are generally parkland/playing fields and occasionally rougher or hilly terrain. Warm thermal clothing, running tights, gloves may be required on colder days.


Running shoes-cross country spikes are the recommended footwear. Age groups start at 9 years, run a distance of about 1500metres (1 mile approximately) and increases with age.  


We also compete in the winter months in the Regional Cross Country Championships and the Welsh Cross Country Championship.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

We are a competing athletic club, the intention is that all members must compete in athletics.

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