Welcome to Pontyclun Athletics Club website. We are a small community club with big aspirations. Based in Y Pant Comprehensive School, the club is a friendly group, with athletes of mixed abilities and ages. Anyone can join Pontyclun Athletics Club whether you are a budding Olympian or a keen amateur. Anyone who is interested and is prepared to compete for the club when selected is welcome as a member. Every effort is made to ensure that all new members are quickly integrated into the club, nurturing their skills and abilities.

Why not come along?

Coaching staff . . . . . . . . . . . . .



Rowland Williams . . . . . . or 'Rowlie' as he prefers to be called, has  been involved with Pontyclun Athletic Club since the mid 1980's. He still runs and occasionally enters the veteran races to keep himself in shape. Rowlie has be a qualified athletics coach for over 30 years bringing a wealth of experience which he wants to pass on to the up and coming generation of young athletes in the surrounding areas. Qualified Level 2 Athletics coach and Level 1 official.  


COACH and Level 1 official

Geraint has been involved in athletics since he was a young boy of 11. He continued to competed in athletics throughout his life until by his own admittance 'it hurt too much'. He started coaching at the age of 30, specialising in middle distance running. The bug seems to have rubbed off on his two daughters who are successful 800m specialists. Geraint continued his coaching development by furthering his skill set in Team Management at County, Regional and Welsh level. Geraint brings years of experience and athletic knowledge to the club which is an unprecedented resource to have available. Qualified Level 3 Athletics coach and Level 1 official. 


COACH and Level 1 official

Jamie has been at the Pontyclun Athletics Club since the beginning of 2015. He joined the team and worked through the system studying to become an assistant coach back in May 2016 and then becoming a fully qualified Level 2 Athletics Coach and Level 1 official. Living in the local area and an active member of the community Jamie is keen to develop and broaden his skills and follow the pathway to become an event group specialist.


ASSISTANT COACH and Level 1 official

Annwen is the newest member of the coaching team. A former student from Bryn Celynnog Comprehensive school, qualified level 1 official and current Cardiff AAC athlete, who whilst recovering from an injury was persuaded to pass on the vast knowledge and experience to some of the up and coming athletes in her local area. Still training hard Annwen's specialism is endurance running, which she has had great success with over the years but is now keen to expand her portfolio and enter the coaching arena.  Qualified assistant coach and currently training to become a level 2 Athletics coach.   


ASSISTANT COACH and Level 1 official

Like most coaches, Max became involved in athletics because of his children. Max, who is the dad of two talented endurance athletes joined the club in 2017 and has become more involved in Pontyclun Athletics Club as the years go by. He recently trained and became an assistant coach and has now got the bug. His goals are to become a full qualified coach, hopefully specialising in Endurance.  We wish him luck.


Club Secretary and Level 1 official

Originally a member of Beddau Athletic Club where she specialised in long distance events, she took a sabbatical from athletes to start her family. Now her children are getting older she wants to get back to her roots and become once again involved in Athletics. She has been helping out at the club since April 2017, and has started her journey into coaching by focusing on achieving her assistant coaching qualification with an aim to develop her knowledge in endurance running.


Mike joined the club in 2018 and is now becoming a critical part of its success. Yet again his two children who have a keen interest in athletics and have driven his involvement. He has now become involved in all aspects of athletics, recently qualifying as a level 1 official and about to train to become a assistant coach.  He hopes eventually become a qualified coach and specialise in throwing, which is where his passion lies.

Committee member and Level 1 official


COACH and committee member


Assistant Coach. Committee member and Level 1 official


Committee member and Level 1 official


We are looking to develop and grow our club but need more volunteers to make this happen? We would always welcome anyone who could help out with the running of the club, whether it be the administrive element, coaching, or if you were able to support us in other mean please let us know. So if you are over the age of 16 and you think you could spare a couple of hours a week to help out, please contact us.


OUR MISSION STATEMENT .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .     

Pontyclun Athletics clubs is a junior club, generally under 15 years of age. We like to introduce our young athletes to most athletic disciplines, long jump, high jump; shot and javelin etc ​ (We currently do not coach long distance running.) We do not recruit members because of their ability, their interest in athletics is our only criteria. As a club hope we encourage all our athletes and look for improvement not winners, although everyone who improves is a winner.

Committee . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Chair Person                - Rowland Williams

Treasurer                       - Jane Brown 

Secretary / Publicity - Claire James

Committee 1                 - Helen Fisher          Committee 2        - Lisa Powell                       Committee 3         - Jo Griffiths

Committee 4                - Mike John              Committee 5        - Max Nathan                    Committee 6         - Michelle Evans

Team/Competition     - Geraint Evans       Website                   - Jamie Williams 

Welfare officer 1         -  Paul Arnold           Welfare officer 2 - Gwyneth Lang Thomas

Club Captain                - Lucy Fisher             

Athletes Reps 1            - Mia Williams           Athletes Reps 2   - Nia Powell                     Athletes Reps 3   - Eurion John

Y Pant Comprehensive School
Cowbridge Road
Talbot Green
Rhondda Cynon Taf
CF72 8YQ

Telephone: 01443 226425


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