What Events Do We Cover?

Track and Field - Yes
Road Running - No
Cross country - Yes
Racing Walking - No
Mountain or Trail Running - No


Violet with grey and yellow sides.


If you are interested in joining Pontyclun Athletics Club give us a call and speak to one of the contacts and discuss and agree the best session for your son or daughter to join in. If you want to see what we do, just turn up to one of the training sessions and join in. Hopefully if you like it come again but if it is not for you there is no obligation to attend again.

Due to the high volume of athletes wanting to join our club there is currently a waiting list. Please contact the club and ask to be placed onto this list   


Membership's for new members and renewals for the 2017/18 year is now required, please pay your club membership £5 pa and your Welsh registration £10 pa by March 24th. Welsh Athletics registration is not required until 9 years of age. A big thank you to all of you who have paid your membership fees. New recruits have a 4 week grace. The athletes that have paid their fees will be given their registration numbers.


The fees for club membership and registration to Welsh Athletics Association are required by March 31 of each year. We are required by the Welsh Athletic Association to have 10 or more members to form a club. It is therefore club policy that all participants become club members and are registered with the Welsh Athletics Association (a 4 weeks grace is given to newcomers) Club membership is Five Pounds (£5.00) each year. (£5) Welsh Athletics Registration fees are Ten Pounds ( £10) for the 9 to under20 years age group. To compete in Athletic competition in Wales and the UK you have to be a club member and registered to an Athletic Association.                The club night fee is presently Twenty pound (£20) a school term (12 weeks).                                                                A club vest will also be required to compete in Athletic competition. Club vests are available at Twelve Pounds Fifty Pence  ( £12.50) each

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